Writing Brilliant WordPress Content isn’t difficult

Here are a few QUICK and easy tips to ensure your content is the best it can be, will get you found in the digital ocean of the internet and get your readers engaged.

At EVERY step, think SEO!

SEO: “Search Engine Optimization”, the strategy of thinking, planning, creating and publishing content in a way that is most likely to garner the attention of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with the end goal of racking your pages higher and attracting the attention of searchers around the globe.


1. Know your target

In short, search engines rank pages, not websites. Therefore each of your PAGES should have a CRYSTAL CLEAR purpose and that starts with your target keyword, or the topic around which you will build content. You should start with a subject that is in demand. You can use tools such as Google Adwords Research Tool to perform research on topics that are related to your site or the audience you wish to attract. This can be a powerful tool as it will give you suggestions based on actual searches Google receives on a time scale. Research is time well spent, so don’t write a single word, until you’ve done your keyword research.

2. Be clear and organized

The internet has created a place of instant gratification and immediacy. A transaction no longer means getting in the car, driving to the store, going in, looking around, not finding what you want, settling for an alternative product, making the purchase and heading home. Technology makes people more demanding, busier and MUCH less patient. For this reason you need to know your topic, keep your topics simple and write in a way that is easy to understand (don’t use HUGE words that sound amazing, people won’t make the effort to research the meaning).

Use an outline so that you can be sure you are using logical thought to express your ideas. Such as has been used for this post. Think baby steps.

3. Connect with people

No different than if you were swimming in an ocean and you saw 200 people screaming “Come over here, I have what you’re looking for”, your potential readers are searching the vast ocean of the internet seeking answers. People aren’t going to click on everything they see. In fact many people click on just a single link (thanks to good optimization by search engines people are finding what they need faster and better than ever before)  so you have one shot to connect with them and show them why they should come to you for what they need.

Within the first 2-3 sentences of your content you be clearly stating the purpose of your content and create a call to action that will engage readers to want to learn more or read further.

4. Write candidly and use your imagination

No one EVER (except tech geeks) picks up a technical manual and reads it cover to cover with excitement. However just because something might be technical, does not mean that you cannot inject some personality into it and show the human side of you, your company, product, site etc. Doing this will keep people reading longer and get them involved in your content. Use your imagination and don’t hide your emotion behind rigid content, try to let the words flow like you would in a conversation.

5. Practice

Humans have an incredible capacity to learn and improve. While everyone learns in a different way, the vast majority of us learn by doing. The best way to create even more Brilliant WordPress content is to do it often and learn the fine nuances which engage your readers, get your posts discovered and will keep your traffic flow growing!

What are your strategies for creating great content? Do you have any tips? Share them below! We’d love to hear!