The Daily Chaos of Business

If you run a business of any size you know how hectic these businesses can get. So much activity and so many fires to put out. Surely at the end of the day you’ve said to yourself at least once, “Did I even get anything done today?”. With so much chaos it is hard to put some order to your day and at times it can be a fight to just get the basics done in your business like use the restroom or even eat a snack.


A Time Management Worksheet Manages Chaos

To ensure I get my vital tasks done daily, okay MOST of my vital tasks, I rely on a constantly-evolving time management worksheet that helps me see clearly and quickly what tasks need to be done, organize them as  a priority in my head and check them off when I’m done. This helps when I get interrupt so I can get right back to focusing and make sure if nothing else happens in a day at least my daily tasks are mostly done and I have a little peace of mind each evening when I crawl home exhausted from the mayhem. Note: I didn’t say “if I get interrupted” I said “when I get interrupted” because I’m always getting interrupted!


Benefits of a Time Management Worksheet

  • Distractions don’t turn into derails….as often.Unless you live in a sealed concrete box, you likely have distractions. Cell phones, emails, people, walk ins, friends, family, customers, children, spouses, pets and the list goes on. Having a time management worksheet helps you get back on track when you something take your attention away for even a moment. Statistics say a distraction can cause a lapse in focus for up to 20 minutes after a person returns to the task they were doing prior to being interrupted.
  • Allows you to gauge importance of interruptions. When you know the plan you are now able to use it to gauge how important another task or activity is related to the other things you need to get done. A good time management worksheet also has a “Notes” area and allows you to update your worksheet (mine even reminds me to update it daily) so you can always be evolving your priorities each day so they are relevant and current. I’m sure my daily checklist from 1990 that told me to make sure all of our VHS video tapes were organized is around here somewhere, it’s just not relevant today.
  • Stabilizes your mind and creates focus. When the bombs of life are going off around you it can be hard to keep a focus and pretty soon your exhausted from running in circles only to find you haven’t accomplished much but worn down the soles of your shoes. A time management worksheet should have a good flow to it and help you keep your day on track and help your mind to focus on what is important. Take your worksheet with you and never let go. It is your daily map. If you need to remind yourself to eat and do other things important to life be sure to put those on the list. There was a time I had “Tie your shoes” on my list. Yep, sometimes its the little things.
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment. The end of a day can either be greatly satisfying or a leave you feeling like a complete failure. The irony of this emotional state is that few of us sit completely idle all day or for even a few minutes per day. So why do we feel beat and happy one day and just beat up the next? It’s all about perception of accomplishments, their importance to our goals and our awareness of what all was done. A good time management worksheet that you use and complete daily will ensure that if nothing else seems like it got done and you ran around like a crazy monkey all day, you’ll be able to look over your checklist and give yourself some credit for all you got done today.

A Good Time Management Worksheet Only Works If…

  • You have one

    Most people just “wing it” and this  can be a very good quality to have. Running a business requires a plethora of talents and the ability to “gel” in every situation. To become what you need to take care of each situation or opportunity that comes your way. Having a daily time management worksheet isn’t about being rigid. It’s about starting every single day with a basic plan and focusing on critical high points to ensure you get as many of them done as you can.

  • You use it

    Your day should start and end with your daily time management worksheet. It should become habit. The very first thing you should do every day is get your checklist. This will ensure you don’t have even a single opportunity to get distracted or derailed. I’m sure you’ve had those mornings where it seems like the chaos begins the moment you open your eyes and doesn’t stop until you pass out 18 hours later. Use your daily time management worksheet, otherwise its nothing more than a piece of paper.

  • You always keep it updated and relevant

    You must keep your list relevant to your current needs. Ever heard of sticky notes? Ever make a list on one and later throw it away? Your list became irrelevant…or complete! So you need to make sure that you can quickly and easily add fresh ideas and needs to your list as well as get rid of old tasks that aren’t important or no longer need managed on your daily time management worksheet. Keeping your time management sheet updated and relevant means you’ll always be ready to jump out of bed and get straight to work on TODAY! Not yesteryear.


For an Extra Bonus

Start your time management worksheet checklist with writing down just ONE thing you did yesterday, at least ONE thing you want to accomplish and write down at least one thing you are very appreciative for. This will frame your mind and since it is at the TOP of your list, you’ll be constantly reminded throughout the day of these things and will help you keep your energy up and attitude positive.


The Time Management Worksheet I Use

Below you’ll find a download button for the daily time management worksheet I use.  I don’t always get it done completely, but at least it gives me all of the things mentioned above. Give it a try and then let me know what you add to make it your own.

What other ways do you make sure you’re focused each day, get the most done and feel accomplished at the end of your day?