Solve problems in record time!

Are you alive? Do you breathe and have a pulse? Then, let’s face it, you have problems. You wake up, take a shower, eat, go to work, come home, go to sleep. All of which is in response to various problems. Hunger, tiredness, dirtiness, lack of money…ness. You get the idea. Only some people solve problems better than others.

Why is this? How can you become a master problem solver?

Read on…there’s a sweet download waiting for you at the end! 🙂

1. Some are better at identifying problems

To solve a problem, you must first realize there is one. Often those who we call achievers or over-achievers are people who see problems that others do not see, or perhaps they have the guts to at least speak out about them and say, “Hey, why are we having this a problem?!” Some of us see the problems, but don’t know how to approach them, so we choose not to speak out for fear of looking inadequate. Others don’t even see them because they put on the blinders and happily (sarcasm) ignore problems. There is no hope for the last group.

2. Some are better at defining the root problem

Once you know there is a problem, or at least think you’ve identified one, you have to take a step back and look at the problem from a few different angles. Often what people initially perceive as a problem is only a symptom of a problem, not the actual problem itself. For example, you have a headache, which is a symptom, because you haven’t eat in 26 hours, which is the problem. Eat and your headache will subside (hopefully). Some of us are great at drilling down and asking more questions to get to the root problem, that way when we look for solutions, we’re aiming at solving the root issues, not just addressing symptoms.

3. Finally, some are better at finding solutions to the problem.

Once you’ve diagnosed the true problem, now you need to devise a strategy to reduce or eliminate the root source. For example, you might say, “Well I haven’t eat in 26 hours because I never have time to prepare food in the mornings with having to get the kids ready for school, answer my phone, my windshield is always frosted over, etc. and the nearest food that is healthy is 20 minutes away and is expensive, so I choose not to eat.” Perhaps the best solution is to take 10 minutes the evening before to prepare food so you can grab and go in the mornings and you’ll not have these headaches any more (this won’t solve the kid’s not being ready for school headache…Duh!). This is truly getting at the problem and creating a feasible solution which can be implemented right away without additional resources, no major lifestyle changes, doesn’t require anything you don’t already have etc.

How can you become a master problem solver?

This might sound a little crazy, but when you say some people make better choices than others, what you are really saying is some people are better problem solvers (okay and implementers, but that’s a whole different subject). The biggest problems some of us have is that we struggle to SOLVE PROBLEMS consistently and proactively. You’ll be glad you read this far because I am rewarding you with a wonderful problem solving tool, which will help you do all three of the things we mentioned above, in record time and with consistent, easy to implement solutions. Who know all this time, all you were missing was a tool that helps you identify problems, discover the root cause and then come up with reasonable and actionable solutions? Problem solved!

Finally, your FREE download!

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