Annual and Quarterly Planning Template

The FREE Annual and Quarterly Planning Template below will help you

  • Clearly define where you’ve been in the recent past
  • Take time to focus on accomplishments and failures
  • Gain inspiration from these happenings and share these with your team

Next you’ll be guided on how to

  • Bullet point specific high points and low point form the last period
  • Mention specific people and events that are notable and will be energizing
  • Note any massive successes or events that should be remembered by everyone

Finally you’ll see how to

  • Chart a focused course for the coming period using lessons and take aways from the recent past
  • Create a simple plan with action steps for each business discipline
  • Get buying with your team and move this plan from paper to action
  • Define a clear term that this plan should represent and when you’ll revisit the plan again in the near future