Do you often get highly motivated, right down your goals and then somehow you find yourself some time later having not achieved much of anything? Do your friends often comment on how lofty your goals are, get excited for you, but have little faith you’ll ever reach them? Much like the boy who cried wolf? It’s easy to just lump such a person into a bucket and call them an over achiever, but is there a way to move from this pattern to one of higher productivity and greater implementation?

“The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

We all have moments where we are in flow and there is great harmony between our motivation and our actions. We feel so accomplished. However the vast majority of our time we often experience disharmony between the two, having a lot of one and none of the other. It is in this disharmony that the greatest frustration happens as we work harder and harder trying to accomplish tasks, but don’t often see a linear increase in results in relation to the effort invested.